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The food culture of our modern is becoming progressively unsustainable, creating issues such as food waste. The Emporium is a collaborative community kitchen which will be hosted by guest chefs to inspire, educate and change the public's behaviours in the bid to fight food waste. The sensory experience will connect the public back to food and the process behind it, whilst helping feed the 8 million people in the UK who are living in food poverty. It will become a primary centre for collecting and distributing surplus food to charities, allowing the public to see the vast amount of food that is wasted everyday. The Emporium will take people on a journey of change; showcasing how precious food is and inspiring people to become waste-less. To find out more please feel free to look through 'The Emporium Book' or 'Design Report' below.

SOFTWARE USED Revit, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Indesign.

THE EMPORIUM the main city space

Upon entry, there is the ‘Olfactory Discovery’. It has 6 stations with 5 unknown herbs and spices. People will note down their favourites on the table found inside their map. Based upon their unique aroma profile they will be recommended a meal in the surplus kitchen. 


Moving through ‘The City’ is a microcosm, representing the possibilities of how we can change our wasteful habits. Making people feel part of a community and a larger movement. Upon entry, people can donate food onto the conveyor belt.


It uses off cuts of fruit and vegetables and re-grows them. If roots are showing, people are encouraged to plant it. Hoping to inspire people to try this at home, by reducing their waste and connecting them back to the process of growing food. Also within ‘The City’ there are a series of community kitchens which will educate and inspire through workshops and talks hosted by guest chefs; using their knowledge and passion to make a positive change!

THE EMPORIUM shop front

THE EMPORIUM olfactory discovery

THE EMPORIUM olfactory discovery

THE EMPORIUM olfactory discovery

THE EMPORIUM the main city

THE EMPORIUM the garden of re-growth

THE EMPORIUM kitchen 1

THE EMPORIUM kitchen 2


Once the city has been explored, people move up to the ‘Sorting Process’ which shows the vast amount of food wasted. It is run by hardworking volunteers to ensure food is safe to eat, then sorted into charity donations and for ‘The Surplus Kitchen’.

THE EMPORIUM sorting process

The next stop is the ‘Surplus Kitchen’ providing comfort to disregard the negative connotations of waste; helping aid the public’s changing behaviour. Run by both professionals and apprentices it ensures that the next generation of chefs have waste-less habits built into them. The restaurant will run on a pay-as-you-can basis; allowing people to eat a beautiful meal in comfort even if they cannot pay.

THE EMPORIUM the surplus bar

THE EMPORIUM the surplus bar

THE EMPORIUM the surplus kitchen

THE EMPORIUM the surplus kitchen

After eating people go down to ‘The Digestion Process’. The tank will recycle any unavoidable waste from the site and the local area. Anaerobic digestion will turn this waste into compost and bio-gas; which will power the building. Scanning the tank will show people the process, benefits and how to make a DIY version at home!

THE EMPORIUM digestion process


Moving to the ‘Seed Library’ where people can ‘plant their seed of hope’ and watch their food grow at home. As shown in the ‘Garden of Regrowth’; people who grow their own food waste less.

THE EMPORIUM seed library

THE EMPORIUM the city at night

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