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With recent focus on the health benefits of being outside and connecting to nature commercial dining are promoting outdoor area's more than ever.  We were asked to look at a concept of how we could transform a derelict roof terrace in a build up city area into a desiring space to sit and eat.

SOFTWARE USED Revit, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Indesign.

project created at focus design

ROOF TERRACE Booths with feature communal tables

As the space was over looked we wanted to create partial cover with the possibility of full cover on sunny days, we chose an oriental metal screen which creates beautiful shadows and patterns using natural light. Natural timbers and planting makes the space feel more organic and detracts from its location being in a city center. Adding in greenery will also help clean the air and create a healthy space to be and to eat.

ROOF TERRACE Booths with feature communal tables

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