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The ‘Waste Not’ kitchen responds to the current issue of food waste. The portable kitchen and market, collects surplus food from local restaurants and retail stores that otherwise would be presumed waste; giving it another opportunity to be used. The project was inspired by the ‘Food for Soul’ revolution, of using surplus food to feed people in need. It was important for the project to provide this food with dignity, building a sense of community and making an impact on the issue of food waste.

SOFTWARE USED Revit, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Indesign.


WASTE NOT KITCHEN Kitchen fully open with workshop


WASTE NOT KITCHEN people gather around community table

Through design development it became clear the importance for the design to portable allowing it to react and respond to different locations and scenarios, depending on where food became available. The concept was designed for everything to be able to be transported with ease around the city. The design consisted of a modern market design and a portable kitchen unit inspired by traditional portable food vendors. The form represents the symbol of home and agricultural architecture connoting food storage and production. It was important to incorporate a kitchen unit into the design as it provided a space for people to bond over cooking, provided education and also provides an oppourtunity for vulnerable people to use food that otherwise would be inedible without a place to cook it. This project supports a wider movement raising awareness of the issue of waste and actually doing something about it.



WASTE NOT KITCHEN evening market

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