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The office design concept was for a community newspaper HQ based in Shoreditch, London. The newspapers reports on creative communities in London, promoting and encouraging a creative community. This project won runner up prize in a competition with Vitra and Interaction. I was invited to Basel to visit the Vitra HQ and had the opportunity to visit the Vitra Museum.

SOFTWARE USED Revit, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Indesign.

CREATIVES OFFICE main area and seminar space

The project brief was to create the office of the future; in response I researched into the history of office design and how it has evolved over time, promoting more open spaces and communal working spaces. The interior reflects a sense of home, something I believe to be important within public spaces to encourage well-being for the members off staff. The feature on the wall and wrapping around an existing beam is an interactive feed of their readers, the lights glow in colour in response to what people are reading, giving the office an understanding of what topics are trending.

CREATIVES OFFICE reception area

CREATIVES OFFICE breakout area

CREATIVES OFFICE private working pods

CREATIVES OFFICE communal area with garden

The main space offers a communal working space encouraging socialisation and a sense of community. In consideration to the open plan space, a private room and more private pods were designed to consider different working styles. The open working space, incorporates a living wall allowing the workers to grow and maintain their own food, encouraging healthier lunches and bonding between the staff. I promoted the companies branding throughout the space making the design consistent. The office featured new smart office technology which allowed the building to learn about the staff, responding to their needs from the building and making the whole space more sustainable.

CREATIVES OFFICE private work area

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