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Creating communal living accommodation that promoted well-being & community, this series of projects looked at creating a new era of 'elderly living' focusing on those core elements.  These specific sites having a more luxurious feel to suit the surrounding demographic.

SOFTWARE USED Revit, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Indesign.

project created at focus design

The bar area features a slatted wooden bar front lit from beneath illuminating the tiled floor. Complimenting the natural timber finishes is a marble white bar top. Soft glowing lighting over the bar allows the natural light from outside be the overpowering feature and creates a soft lit space in the evening. Environmental conscious materials were considered throughout.

COMMUNAL LIVING, TUNBRIDGE bar and seating area

To compliment the bar a proposed dining and lounge continue the feeling of luxe. The dining space follows through the colour palette of the bar area, but it becomes darker making the space more comforting. The feature fixed seating along the back of the room is a dark grey velvet which again compliments the table lights, all influencing the feeling of the space. The chevron wooden wall creates an interesting feature within the space and is complimented by brass details which are continued through the track lighting and accessories. The ceiling was low within the space, the antique mirrors reflect light and gives the illusion of the room being taller.

COMMUNAL LIVING, TUNBRIDGE lounge and seating area

The darker colours of the lounge feel comforting. Natural chevron wooden floor gives the space a classical feel. The space again is filled with plenty of natural light promoting well being. It is important that these communal spaces acted as a space to escape, feel full comfort and to promote socialization.


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