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Th Bear is a popular pub located in Cobham. We gave the space a small transformation but with big impact. By this I mean it was mainly decorative features that we used to transform the spaces but the outcome looks amazing. We wanted to bring natural materials and textures into the space and play on traditional pub themes in new innovative ways.

SOFTWARE USED Photoshop, Sketchup, AutoCAD, Indesign.

project created at focus design


THE BEAR, COBHAM bar seating & flower wall

2019-11-17 01.52.27 1.jpg

THE BEAR, COBHAM bar seating & flower wall

2019-11-17 01.52.36 2.jpg

THE BEAR, COBHAM flower wall making


THE BEAR, COBHAM flowers from atlas

The artwork budget was limited meaning that we needed to be creative and think of how we could make feature walls make a lot of impact for little. The main feature in that bar was hand made by us. We wanted to play on the traditional hops found in pubs and make something new and exiting. W picked colours from the materials throughout the site and ordered dried botanicals and made a giant flower wall to encase the feature chimney.

THE BEAR, COBHAM completed flower wall details

2019-11-17 01.52.43 1.jpg

THE BEAR, COBHAM bar seating 

2019-11-17 01.52.26 1.jpg

THE BEAR, COBHAM bar seating

THE BEAR, COBHAM feature flower light & venue space

To compliment the flower wall we also created two feature flower botanical pendants to hang over a communal table. This space can be rented for parties, workshops and meetings. We wanted there to be a feature talking point creating a beautiful unique backdrop for the event that will be a signature for The Bear.

2019-11-17 01.52.37 1.jpg

THE BEAR, COBHAM dining area

2019-11-17 01.52.30 1.jpg

The rest of the site was a follow on of this concept - taking traditional pub ideology and developing it. We used lush materials which complimented the rich timbers and dark wall colours to create a cosy and warm enviroment.

THE BEAR, COBHAM dining area

Bear Inn, Cobham (19).jpg


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