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The garden room was a project with a focus on creating a space that promoted well being for people & our planet. The aim was to create a space of peace and tranquility. Being surrounded by nature is proven to promote happiness and well being, we took these key features and used them as drive for this project; creating somewhere that will just make people feel happy.

GARDEN ROOM garden room with up-cycled rattan furniture

GARDEN ROOM art details

The space is our own little sanctuary where I feel calm, relaxed and connected to nature.


In order to stick to the tight budget and to reflect the brief the furniture was all up-cycled. Seeing potential in un-loved furniture and giving it a new life - whilst never compromising on the design. The seat pads were re-upholstered and accent cushions were added. A ladder was made from off cuts of wood from a previous project used as a styling tool. I printed and framed art work that added to the botanical design. The soft green walls gave the whole space a tranquil and calm feeling and complimented the vast amount of green within the space. Natural materials were brought in through the cane furniture, linen fabrics & woven textures. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome of the design and made a wonderful addition to their home.

GARDEN ROOM art details

GARDEN ROOM up-cycled rattan furniture

GARDEN ROOM plant details

GARDEN ROOM overall space

GARDEN ROOM natural textures

GARDEN ROOM natural textures

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