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Creating communal living accommodation that promoted well-being & community, this series of projects looked at creating a new era of 'elderly living' focusing on those core elements.  To create a calm and relaxing series of spaces we took inspiration from Scandinavian design creating a sense of hygge. 

SOFTWARE USED Revit, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Indesign.

project created at focus design

A calming and natural café will be located on the ground floor.  This will also open to the public to encourage social interaction between the public and residents - an important element to well being. The high atrium space is complimented with feature lighting gives people a sense of head space. Another key promotion of human well being is natural light, a key component of keeping us well and happy. Maximising the large windows ensure there is plenty of natural light and connects people to nature via the communal gardens directly outside.

Pegasus Life Cafe.jpg


The communal lounge area's will promote socialization and a sense of community. A warm timber floor is complimented with soft natural rug finishes. Scandinavian furniture creates a sophisticated and relaxing space for the residents. Sustainable and health conscious fabrics will be used throughout; ensuring the space is healthy for the planet and the people using it. By bringing natural materials and planting into the space it connects people to nature; a natural desire we crave. Shelving units with clever styling allows the space to feel like home and provides activites for the residents.


The images on the mood board represent to the client the mood and feel of the space in initial concept design stages. 


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